About TCF

Truckers Credit Finder is your “Right-Hand Advocate” for New Entrants to the Commercial Trucking  Industry.
We understand that the number 1 obstacle to new business startup is finding access to capital and lenders who understand the needs of a new business long on ideals and energy but maybe a little bit short on cash.

We are successfully taking companies across America from Start-Up to Faster Success, and giving Established companies a Revitalized Growth and Restored Vision which realigns them with their path to Success. We accomplish this by providing the following:

  • TCF understands truckers and their specialized needs. Through our network of lenders, insurance agents and factoring companies, our our access to resources and knowledge is vast. We know the obstacles you face and our business solutions will make you strong coming out of the gate!
  • Small Biz, we get it… Never before has the American Dream been so attainable. The only obstacle now seems to be finding the resources you need as a new truck owner. We can help. Come and let us help you get it!
  • No-cost complete examination of all your capital, business and insurance requirements.
  • TCF then builds a custom approach to which lenders we have access to that most closely fit you and your business and credit profile.
  • Through our network, TCF helps you to fix the errors and strengthen the strong points. We can even help you build your credit quickly if your situation makes it necessary.
  • Our network partners can help you to build business credit that you can then use to gain access to new lines of credit along with separating your personal from business assets.
  • TCF’s network of lenders includes, banks, credit unions, factoring companies as well as private lenders. Our approach will be from different directions with the intent of getting you the most capital at the best cost.
  • TCF also has access to many different kinds of lenders with very smart people who understand complex lending situations and who collectively possess great amounts of experience in overcoming any obstacle you might have to getting capital for your business.

We believe in doing the right thing for our clients and are in it for the long haul just like you. With our guidance and your passion, and our network of lenders that want to say YES, we will get your company the operating capital to make you and your family’s dreams come true!

Being Veteran and Minority owned, our dreams and passion to succeed is just like yours.

“Truckers Make America Go and TCF will keep you rolling!” -CEO