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About 77 million Americans have a debt in collections… That amounts to 35 percent of consumers with credit files or data reported to a major credit bureau, according to the study released by the Urban Institute and Encore Capital Group’s Consumer Credit Research Institute.” ~ The Washington Post, July 2014

In 2012, Richard Cordray, then Former Ohio Attorney General, now Head of the Consumer Finance Protection Bureau conducted a study called “Credit Scars” displayed in The Columbus Dispatch Newspaper, “About 6 percent of nearly 21,500 consumers who complained to the Federal Trade Commission during a 30-month period beginning in 2009, and nearly 8 percent of 1,842 who complained to state attorneys general in 2009 and 2010, said that their credit reports had been mixed with another person’s. In an unprecedented review of consumer complaints to the FTC, The Dispatch learned that consumers’ files had been merged with those of their mothers, fathers, brothers, sisters, in-laws and neighbors. They were mixed with strangers with the same name, a similar name, a similar Social Security number or no known similarities whatsoever… Of the 1,252 people who told the FTC that their files had been mixed with other consumers’, 30 percent also complained that the credit-reporting agencies failed to correct the mistakes after being asked. The others did not indicate whether they had sought to have the information corrected…”

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In a chain related article of The Columbus Dispatch written in the same year, this astonishing fact was reported, “…No one outside Experian, Equifax and TransUnion, the three major credit-reporting agencies in the United States, fully understands how computer formulas used by the companies match up information. The formulas are closely guarded industry secrets.