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Truckers Credit Finder is your “Relief Driver” for your Small Trucking Business! We have successfully helped to take trucking companies across America from Start-Up to Faster Success through our financing programs and strategic partnerships. We have also helped established trucking companies get realigned with their “Road to Success” Strategy. TCF accomplishes this by providing the following:

  • Access to startup and operating capital through equipment and working capital lending partners.
  • Access to our proprietary “Truckers Make America Go” (TMAG) Drivers Success Program.
  • Providing financing, advisory experience and tools tailored to the truck driving industry.
  • Membership in organizations focused on the individual truck drivers success and well-being.
  • Help in developing quality distribution channels.
  • Advise on proper business legal entity structure and/or re-structure.
  • Assistance from our partner in keeping your company compliant with all regulatory requirements.
  • Introduction to “strategic partners” such as lenders, insurance agents and others intermediaries that will help you to grow and protect your business.


According to the U.S. Small Business Administration (SBA) 2013, over 50% of businesses FAIL in the first 5 years because of the following:

  • Lack of Capital.
  • Inconsistent cash flow.
  • Lack of advisory team experience.
  • Poor distribution channels.
  • Over-investment in fixed assets.
  • Poor visibility resulting in low sales.
  • Unexpected growth.
  • Competition.

Our network of highly skilled strategic lending and advisory partners are all focused on one thing, the success of the American Truck Driving Industry. Truckers Credit Finders has your back and along with our strategic partners and friends are fully focused on your success and Achievement of the American Dream!

Truckers Make America Go!

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