Load factoring

Overall, the primary benefit to entering into a load factoring relationship is a guaranteed and timely flow of funds that will allow a trucking company to continue with their business operations. However, another benefit is the added safety you have from the factoring company verifying the identity and integrity of which load brokers you are dealing with and their history of forwarding the funds owed to their trucking clients. There are many other value adds such as road hazard and fuel discount cards which will vary by factoring company.

Do you also want a lower down payment at renewal time for your truck insurance?

We have done much due diligence in selecting our factoring partner based on their excellent reputation for great customer service and timely delivery of factoring funds to their clients.

Some of their many benefits are no signup fees, no volume requirements, free credit checks and some of the lowest rates and highest cash advances in the industry!

When you set up your factoring relationship with our preferred Factoring Partner we will Finance your insurance premium with a much lower down payment, usually as low as 10% down. And we will keep it that low next year when your insurance renews as long as you stay a factoring client. Another benefit of partnering with Risk Referral Network!

Give us a call and we will get you started today!

For more information e-mail: factoring@riskreferralnetwork.com